Bay Beaches Residential Development - Chamcook, New Brunswick

Chamcook, New Brunswick

The 20 acres of oceanfront land which make up the Bay Beaches Residential Development is considered one of the most unique and beautiful parcels of remaining property in the proximity of St. Andrews by-the-Sea.  The development consists of 8 large oceanfront lots facing south onto Passamaquoddy Bay and Ministers Island, and west onto Chamcook  Channel.  Many of the lots are fronted on beautiful sandy beaches unique to the area.  Interesting rock formations also make up part of the oceanfront. There are also several interior lots which have access to the oceanfront and beaches.

The lots are very large with oceanfront widths ranging up to 470 feet.  The twice daily and dramatic tides of the Passamaquoddy Bay make for a constant variation of beach atmosphere. The property is made up of open grassed space as well as wooded areas made up of what was a tree farm, along with other species of trees including maple, poplar and birch.

Currently, roads and driveways are being developed and are expected to be largely complete by this fall (2019).  The work of landscaping and refining appearance of all areas including cleaning of unsightly trees and brush will continue in the spring of 2021.  Our objective in that when   complete the development will resemble a well developed and maintained park which everyone can be proud of. Lot prices start at $195,000.00 (CAD).

Lot Number Lot Area (Acres) View Price (CAD)
16-10 1.0 Waterfront $195,000.00
20-12 1.1 Water View (With Deeded Water Access) $65,000.00
20-14 1.1 Water View (With Deeded Water Access) $65,000.00
20-15 1.1 Water View (With Deeded Water Access) $65,000.00

Architecture Inspired by dramatic ocean vistas